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Audio & Video

Taking entertainment seriously

Has the most in-depth training in the field of sound under ANTHONY GRIMANI as well as the certification for cinema rooms and sound processors of BSS, BIAMP.

Home Automation

R²’s smart electrical systems represent the entire arsenal of solutions and products, whether open, closed, European, American, and all standard systems.

Most of the smart electricity solutions, at the R² company, are based on open systems in the European KNX standard, which allow great and endless versatility of the components and control systems and allow the end customer to enjoy independence from one supplier and in fact protect the customer from any dependency.

We know how to tailor the solutions with all the existing systems in the global market. Our technical team undergoes constant training and certification, in order to be up-to-date in all aspects of technological innovation and to provide customers of any scope with the efficient, convenient and simple-to-use solution, at the same time, since we are qualified and competent in all the systems that exist in the world, there is no project for us that is impossible for action and execution.

Command and Control

Above all - Simplicity in use combined with aesthetics

Our control systems are the leading systems in the world:

The control and control systems enable integration solutions for all types of projects. From small to huge projects, from the simple to the most challenging. The type of system is chosen according to the needs of the project and its nature.

low voltage systems

Through Electro Home Systems Ltd, R²’s sister company, we advise, plan, supervise and of course install low voltage and very low voltage systems.

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