About R²

The R² company was established to combine the best capabilities and professionalism available in the smart home systems market, audio video and low voltage in one leading company.

What can we do for you?

The combination of the strengths of the best professionals in their field at the R² company, has resulted in the execution of many diverse and complex projects in Israel and around the world, where the guiding and characterizing motif of the company’s activity is: technological innovation and the ability to execute without compromise, together with the adaptation of a unique solution to the client’s requirements and the exact details of the entire project.

R² specializes in providing an inclusive and comprehensive solution in the fields of: smart electricity, audio video, control and low voltage systems.

About Us

A technical team with over 20 years of experience, with the highest certification levels in Israel in the field of smart electricity and control systems: CRESTRON, KNX ATLONA, CONTRIL 4, RTI, LUTRON, VINTAGE.

in the field of audio and video
Has the most in-depth training in the field of sound under ANTHONY GRIMANI as well as the certification for cinema rooms and sound processors of BSS, BIAMP.

in the low voltage field
We are entrusted with the development of products in the field of intrusion detection, which are added value in tailoring efficient, good and safe solutions for all types of customers, starting from private homes through large-scale public projects, which require maximum attention and sensitivity to the entire security system in the project.

We are proud of many and diverse global projects during the years of our activity, in which we acquired our wide experience in the implementation of these capabilities.

among our projects

Work on super yachts at the VIARAGGO shipyards in Italy.

A castle from the 16th century in Lucca, Italy, under the master architect ETTORE MOCCETI.

A luxury hotel in the French Alps, under the architect JEAN PHILIPPE VELGE MICHAUX.

Luxury homes in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, a penthouse in the Warner Towers in Manhattan.

And most importantly: our systems work… and work… and work!

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